Neville urges United to move for Bale over Ronaldo


Former defender Gary Neville would favor Manchester United to move for True Madrid’s Gareth Bale more than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gary Neville has cautioned Manchester United not to sign True Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, as an alternative urging his former club to move for team-mate Gareth Bale.

United manager Louis van Gaal is reportedly interested in bringing one of the Genuine attackers to Old Trafford next off-season.

Ronaldo left the Premier League for Spain in 2009 to get a then-world record £80million fee before Bale smashed that figure 4 years later.

Retired defender Neville is hesitant fifa 16 coins for United to create a move for Ronaldo and doubts no matter whether the Portuguese forward’s return could be a results.

“I am not positive it can be such a very good thing for Cristiano to come back,” Neville told The Mirror.

“I’d prefer us to get Gareth Bale and that’s no disrespect to Cristiano who I believe is possibly the biggest talent I have موقع بيع كوينز فيفا 16 ever played with – not the most effective player I ever played with – but the biggest talent.

“He is definitely an amazing player and what he did for two years at United was out of this world and it was a privilege to become part of it.

“But the idea of coming back as his swansong – it won’t be precisely the same for him as it was ahead of.”

He added: “He does like warm weather. He likes the sun and we understand that from when he was here. That’s not a criticism of him, he was just used to that.

“It is not going to be the exact same for him because it was prior to however it won’t be the exact same for us and I am not positive.

“It could be about emotion. And I’m not confident emotion and sport go collectively definitely in that way.”