Newjuve aid: No. 21 Jersey unveiled a continuation of Pirlo Zidane

After the end of the last season, the Serie A giants Juventus on Lightning bought the Palermo striker Baala. According to the Italian media “Italian football,” the news, recently Dibala officially to the identity of the new Juventus signing debut, he took Pirlo and Zinedine Zidane left the number 21 shirt. For Juventus, Dibala said he was very excited, and hope to be able to follow the footsteps of predecessors to succeed in the bianconeri.

Baala is emerged in Serie A last season of a striker nova, his stature is not high, but also good technique, in Serie A tight defense, Baala last season a total of scored 13 league goals. Superior strength has become one of the many Argentine team’s goal. But at the end of the season after, Juventus has finalized a Dibala lightning. According to Italy media reports, the old woman in order to convince the people of Palermo, took out a transfer fee of 32000000 euros.

After nearly a month of waiting, Dibala with Juventus players identity debut. In the debut ceremony, Dibala said he chose the number 21 shirt: “put on the shirt of the wonderful feeling, this is my dream Jersey. I chose the number 21 shirt, because the 21 is my age, not only that, this is also Zidane and Pirlo in the number of Juventus have passed. They are the stars in the history of Juventus, they have written the history of Juventus, I hope that they can catch up with their pace, success here.”

“For Juve, I was very impressed, and I felt very surprised when I first arrived here, and that day, Juventus won the Serie A title, so the atmosphere is very special. The big reason for me to be here is to win, and I can do it perfectly. The league is very difficult, but I will try my best and hope to make progress. In Juventus, the main position of the competition is very difficult, anyone should focus on to win the main position, which is a spur on their own.” Baala said.

For their own prospects with Juventus next season, Dibala very optimistic: “I would like to play behind the striker position? No, I also like to play forward, I am ready to play the coach asked me to play any position. Of course, I will talk about his position with the boss, I have to attack the midfield, but also played forward, as to the end of the position, which depends on the coach. I am very happy to be a part of Juve and I hope to score a lot of goals for the team. Next season, we have to face the three line, and in the near future we will play the Italy Super Cup match. The strength of each team in the new season is more close, but we have a strong team, we have the ability to reproduce the glory of the last season.”