Neymar: I want to point out the four partner Zidane Ronaldo strongest defender

Barcelona star Neymar recently suffered from mumps, he also missed the European Super Cup of barcelona. Recently, the Brazil star accepted the FIFA official television interview.

When asked about the toughest defender, Neymar replied: “it is hard to choose, too many outstanding defender, Mascherano, pique, Thiago Silva, Ramos is also a great defender, there are a lot of.”

About his career by far the most wonderful goal, Neymar said: “I scored a lot of special goals, these goals are very memorable, if say which one is the best, I will choose against Flamengo scored the goal, the goal also let me won the Puskas Award (the best goal of the season player).”
When asked what the most wanted to play with a few retired players, Neymar replied: “I am a fan of Robbie Leo, I am very much like to play with him, Zidane is also. Ronaldo and the Brazilian national team curtain war. He and I worked as a mate, it is the only time, I very much hope that to play with him. ”

Neymar then specifically mentioned the current in the effect of the Robinho, he added: “I have been very fond of Robinho, from my very little time to like him very much. I am happy to be with him when Santos and the Brazil national team.”