Neymar: Referee level of bad without qualification I admit that playing poor


Copa America Group C second round on the 17th, the Brazilian striker Nei Maer although did not score, but because of a yellow card in the game and after the game with a red card in the spotlight. The Brazilian leader said after the game, the field judge in question.

On that day, Brazil 0: 1 loss to Colombia. After the referee blew his whistle blasts kick Neymar towards Colombia player with the ball to be knocked to the ground, Colombian striker Baca rushed up pushing Neymar, the two sides formed confrontation. Baca for this to Neymar and the referee pulled out a red card both.

And at the end of the first half approached, Neymar also because handball booked. Coupled with the opener was a yellow card, 2 plus 1 red, yellow Neymar required to at least be suspended for two games.

However, Neymar at the mixed zone interview that his field was not more nervous today than ever, he considers the Chilean referee in question, goes yellow cards in this field is not established. “It seems the rules are always used against me. That guy wiped the foam spray line has not been punished, I’d eat a yellow card The ball hit my hand, but I did not mean I was fell down, and then He gave me a yellow card. is the level of bad referees not occur all of this, I think the referee did not qualified. ”

Of course, the game also admitted Neymar Brazil played poorly, he said:. “I admit that our team performed poorly, I admit that I myself have performed poorly, this is no problem, I did not never assume all responsibility losing players, that I should lose up. But I believe my teammates, the next game they will be able to triumph. ”

21, Brazil will last group match against a rival team in Venezuela.