NFL lead a new round of Sino-US sports diplomacy

In today’s diplomacy in American sports, American football is playing an increasingly important role. During an official visit to the United States has just ended, Chinese President Xi Jinping invited to visit the United States Lincoln High School in Tacoma, watch the school football team’s
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Mr. Waller comprehensive introduction to Lee, president of American football in the world, including in China’s development, the two sides have enhanced mutual understanding and communication for further cooperation has laid a good foundation. Since 1971, changed the world ping pong diplomacy after successfully opened the door to Sino-US relations, and establish a model for diplomacy sports, sports has been a connection between the two peoples and friendship bridge of communication channels. With the depth of Sino-US exchanges and cooperation in sports, driven by a big ball small ball, football is becoming the main sports diplomacy between the two countries.
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As the nation’s largest sports and the world’s first major professional sports league, the American Professional Football League NFL decisive influence in the United States. US Qicheng population are NFL fans to watch NFL Super Bowl finals The number of visitors even more than the number of voting participation in the US presidential election. In recent years, NFL Europe, the number of fans in China is growing rapidly. According to authoritative statistics, by the end of 2014 expressed NFL and American football fans have expressed interest in China has reached 17.7 million. In fact, the number of football fans in China increased 10-fold in the past five years! Country to carry out American football club and the number of teams has reached nearly 200.

Chinese young people involved in American football, not only in terms of speed, agility, flexibility, and so many ways to improve the physical fitness, but also cultivate their leadership, teamwork, brave spirit. Cultural exchanges in China-US relations has played a unique and important role, and sport as a connecting bridge and link between the two peoples, with its unique charm and cultural exchanges between the two countries has become the ubricant and a new round led by the American football sports diplomacy is to Sino-US relations continue to accumulate positive energy.