NHL 18 Update 1.03 Released; General Stability and Online Improvements

NHL 18’s most current update focuses on common performance and stability improvements.

EA Sports’ newest NHL iteration, NHL 18 Coins, received an update. The update does not add or modify any significant elements

of the game, nevertheless it adds basic stability and bug improvements.

NHL 18 update 1.03 doesn’t incorporate any new options or tweaks to any existing ones, nevertheless it improves the game’s

general performance and stability. Having said that, towards the finish of final month, NHL 18 received a gameplay tuner update

that changed a couple of principal gameplay components within the game. Here is each updates’ patch notes:

NHL 18 Patch 1.03 – (Readily available October 3rd, 2017)
General stability and bug improvements

NHL 18 Gameplay Tuner 1.01 – (Out there September 27, 2017)

All Modes

Tuned capability to go in and out with the pass block state to ensure that it behaves a lot more realistic
Tuned puck elasticity to obtain extra realistic reactions when it hits the ice.
Tuned deking accomplishment rates by deke
Decreased major finish skating potential for players skating with defensive stick held out

Online Only

Tuned down likelihood of auto fights post whistle
Turned off ability for net to come off in on the net gameplay
Tuned cases to repair problems exactly where goalies have been obtaining cheap hut coins punished for skating towards the bench on delayed penalties

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