“NHL 2K” core evaluation This game is power and speed

NHL News Following the “NBA 2K15”, this week, 2K Games gave us a new sport for the “NHL 2K”, for two weeks to bring luxury sport really is a game to play, but to play it all, in fact, as early as 2010 2K Games will be the same theme “NHL 2K11” brought to the iOS platform, after a lapse of four years, “NHL 2K” of course there will be no small quality improvement and diverse gameplay mode allows the different preferences of the players to find their entertainment space.
“NHL 2K” not as “NBA 2K15” as high-profile, low-key but I also did not lose the “NHL” series of core elements – strength and speed, but because of the lack of real participation reason, therefore “NHL” series the audience did not “NBA 2K” series as widely. When we open the game, people fold a good impression of fluidity to the game all of a sudden a lot of extra points, on the screen and fluency weigh, “NHL 2K” than “NBA 2K15” is better, the face is not disfigured just off the more powerful elements of castration, nothing looks more or less abrupt.
Friendly participation
“NBA 2K” is actually a lot, though players do not need to worry too much about the amount of content from the point of view on how to participate,hut legacy coins  each pattern has clearly set out, but no Chinese support and tutorials feels lacks some professionalism . And most sports games on the same team before the game choose what to see what data the team, then you can just start the game, if you are new to “NHL”, then it is recommended that the first small series in “QUICK GAME” (Quick match) in the warm up.
Image enhancement have focused
As a qualified sports games, one can not ignore the element is the quality, take the “NHL 2K” Compared with any previous generation PC platform are clearly less generous. Fair to say that, “NHL 2K” image enhancement is more on the central field with players who, as the audience, if not cheers implant, then all that was dead, said the image is not a bunch of will be moving dolls placed in it, but rather the coach on the bench and there is no “extra” staff, the nhl 16 hut coins bench did not see even a few, and “NBA 2K15” a comparison, the gap between off-site interaction effect is quite clear . Look back at the team itself, facial features clearly realistic meaning, wearing jersey, helmet what can be considered a higher standard for the mobile platform.
Traditional practical mode of operation
In certain play modes, virtual buttons and swipe two operating modes for players to choose, of course, from the perspective of play mode analysis, the traditional model is more suitable virtual keys “Mini” and “Free Battle” These fast-paced gameplay while paddling operation it is clear that this type of study for the season mode and co-ordination with the play, of course, does not rule out a personal soft spot for one mode of operation, in fact, the layout of the operating buttons and not much flexibility in terms of problem , Xiao Bian feel even better than “NBA 2K15” more smoothly.