NHL / let dad come home! Players call her warmth come true

Jordan Leopold

Yesterday was the NHL’s trade deadline, except for the teams competing for the reinforcement of combat power, but by the most discussion is a small deal. Columbus Blue Jackets defender Jordan (Jordan Leopold) was in exchange for his hometown team the Minnesota Wild, the cause of his daughter Joe Ting (Jordyn Leopold) wrote to the wilderness coach Mike (Mike Yeo), said she was too miss father.

Professional players often paying for the initiative stage or asked to be traded, which is often labeled a selfish player tag, but this development is quite touching. Joe Ting wrote in the letter: a man, “” Baba “in Columbus very lonely, my brother, sister, mother did not accompany him is also very lonely,” Baba, “do not have much chance to play a bad record in the wilderness (at that time). You must be very angry, defensive wilderness needs, please, please, please, let ‘Baba’ home to play, okay? “Joe Ting, not only to write their own expectations, but also point out the shortcomings of the then wilderness.
Wilderness Explorer Fletcher (Chuck Fletcher) referred to the full power of this letter, after receiving a letter wilderness record changed for the better, even if some of them the pressure to be traded, he believes will be very motivated to return home after Jordan, the team and the family is a good thing.