NHL Winter Classic 2015 were moved to the national arena

NHL Winter Classic upcoming US time January 1, 2015 were, the chosen venue is the home of major league nationals, by the Chicago Blackhawks play against the Washington Capitals, many NHL hockey staff also took the opportunity to pick up a baseball field.

NHL Winter Classic outdoor events unique items, in addition to the main gimmick, the hand is to boost the box office, 2004 NBA vice president of sports Board Miller (Jon Miller) proposed this plan, but deaf ears, until 2006 to find another supporter Collins (John Collins), decided to hold two hit it off.

The first Winter Classic debut in 2008, in the football field were, then poured into 71,217 people, followed by the Chicago Cubs in 2009, carried home, the game was the highest in 33 years puck highest ratings continued to do in 2014 is more influx 105,491 people, a record.