North American Hockey League is about to go to war when it can break the curse Stanley

On behalf of the world’s highest level of hockey league in North America Hockey League (NHL) is about to begin. Hockey in the last century and the beginning of 80 years of the late 1990s has been quite popular in the country, but now it Shaorenwenjin, but this does not prevent the NHL’s story circulated among us.

Hockey is a great sport of chance, often in the regular season, the team performed well on the first playoff fate would have been eliminated. Stanley Cup since 2000, no team has successfully defended more strangely, since 2001, participated in the Stanley Cup Finals the following season the two teams in the playoffs can not inevitable, Stanley became the most horrifying curse.

2001, to participate in the finals of the Colorado Avalanche and New Jersey Devils, with the then best offensive guard Ned Shorty Shorty center Pekka Maier and the Devils in the 2002 playoffs are eliminated, and Avalanche in the Western Conference finals in three classic camel, after losing more than 4 Detroit Red Wings, to be the last to break a successful first round of the finals last team.

2003 Hurricane team did not make the playoffs, while the Red Wings in the first round Jibei big black 马阿纳汉姆 Mighty Ducks 4-0 sweep, became a big laughing stock, has become the Red Wings history forever indelible pain. Mighty Ducks team then lost to the New Jersey Devils in the finals, could not complete the first Stanley Cup dreams. And in 2004, the giant duck did not make the playoffs, the defending champion in the first round by the Philadelphia Flyers to 1 out of 4, began the Stanley curse. Finally, 10 years for the first time into the finals of the Canadian team Calgary Flames, and did not bring the Stanley Cup after an absence of 11 years for Canada, followed by three seasons they have to stop the first round. Victory over the Flames get a Stanley Cup in franchise history Tampa Bay Lightning team, followed by three seasons failed to get past the first round, 07-08 league last season, but still ranked first.

With the concept of the salary cap league shut down after the 2004-05 season, the average level of the team’s more, get more increases the difficulty of the Stanley Cup. Finals 05-06 season is 10 years, the most classic of the finals, but the Edmonton Oilers and the last team to win in the next two hurricane seasons are not actually the playoffs, people lamented the magic Curse of power. 06-07 last season’s Stanley Cup contender Ottawa Senators team in the 07-08 season, the playoffs are the Pittsburgh Penguins sweep. And get the first championship in franchise history in the 2006-07 season is also the first round of two Mighty Ducks Dallas Stars 4 loss team.

07-08 championship contender is 11 years and the Penguins won four championships in the Red Wings. However, in the summer, to participate in the finals of last year’s Penguins left nearly half of the players, many of whom Marion Jose Malone so famous, and so there is a tough guy Rick prison. Relative unrecognizable penguin, the Red Wings are pretty good day, not only the introduction of Wang playoffs, the Penguins main Jose, also maintained a winning original lineup. However, in the preseason game, the league’s best defender, the Red Wings team’s playmaker, the main defender Linden Armstrong teammate is shot the ball smashed 120 kilometers per hour near the nose will be out for three months .

Are they able to crack the 2000s throughout the North American Union the most creepy Stanley spell, followed by eight months we will see.