Nuggets harvested 3 game winning streak by beating the Warriors Fareed Mudi Ai 16 22 + 12 + 9

YORK, October 14 reported: Denver Nuggets continue winning streak in the preseason. Only Curry scored 14 points, Thompson 8 1 vote only 8 points, while the Nuggets Fareed had 22 points and 12 rebounds, Mudi Ai had 16 points and nine assists to lead the team in the third Day played a small climax to establish a double-digit advantage, the Nuggets on the road to 114-103 victory over the Golden State Warriors. Nuggets made three consecutive victories, the Warriors suffered two defeats.
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Nuggets Fareed had 22 points, 12 rebounds and two blocked shots, Mudi Ai had 16 points and nine assists, Nelson had 16 points and four assists, Gallinari scored 14 points and five rebounds, Chandler scored 13 points, five rebounds and four assists, Luo Wenji had 10 points and nine rebounds. Warriors Leandro Barbosa scored 16 points, Green had 15 points and nine rebounds, Curry had 14 points, seven assists and four turnovers, Speights scored 11 points, Andre Iguodala had 10 points, Thompson 8 1 vote by 8 points. Warriors home game a good start, Curry scored nine points led his unit to 13-7 lead. Gallinari even with a fine cast to get four points, Barnes hit back three-pointers, the Warriors continue to lead. Fareed enhance personal attack, two hook shot, Chandler also voted in the third, the Nuggets chase into 24 flat in the first section there are 3 minutes and 25 seconds. Barbosa came off the bench to play a role in his three break points, Livingston also hit the turnaround jumper, the Warriors to 35-31 lead four minutes the first section.

II began shortly after Barbosa again in the third, Andre Iguodala break dunk, the Warriors to 46-38 lead eight minutes. Chandler-pointers for the team to stop bleeding, Rush hit back three-pointers,
nba 2k mt scored a breakthrough Speights, continues to lead the Warriors. Fire Gallinari scored five points, also even take 5 minutes, they led the team to play 18-3 counterattack climax, the Nuggets before half 1 minute 40 seconds to 63-56 lead seven minutes. Green break points, Andrew Bogut made two free throws, the Warriors team at halftime to 59-63 behind. Nuggets Mudi Ai first half was 14 points and five assists, Gallinari scored 11 points, scored 10 points Fareed; Warriors’ Curry each scored 12 points and Leandro Barbosa. Nuggets began the third quarter with 5 points, they opened the advantage to nine points. Green offensive fire Glenealy 6 points, Curry hit a jumper, the Warriors chase 67-70. Fareed trouble in the paint, he scored 7 points, Chandler also contributed 5 points to lead the team to play 16-5 spurt, the third quarter and 3 minutes 50 seconds Nuggets 86-72 lead.

Green and Andre Iguodala teamed up 4 points, Gallinari hit three points back, Nelson in the third, at the end of three sections Nuggets to 92-76 lead. Barbosa even with a fine cast to get four points, Clark hit a jumper, the Warriors in the fourth quarter began shortly after the chase 85-96. Nelson Glenealy 5 points blocking the opponent, Livingston, Clark and Speights and turns to get points, the Warriors 96-105 chase in the fourth quarter and 3 minutes and 40 seconds. Djokic tipped succeeded, Johnson hit a fadeaway jumper, the Nuggets quickly put the advantage back to double digits. After Speights Glenealy 5 points to no avail, the Warriors to 103-114 defeat. Nuggets starting lineup: Mudi Ai, Harris, Gallinari, Chandler, Fareed Warriors starting lineup: Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Green, Andrew Bogut