Odom part of the body function recovery Clippers visit the Big Three former teammate

Data Figure: Case Odom and wife Kardashian Odom is gradually improving, since he regained consciousness, he has brought a lot of positive signals to the doctor, for example,
nba 2k16 mt to restore some of the swallowing function. Other people’s help, he can get out of bed and sitting in a chair. On the part of the body function began to recover on Sunday, US media reports Odom’s condition, basically optimistic attitude. In their view, although Odom is still living in the intensive care unit, but in the confrontation with death, he has been successful escape.

Of course, his physical recovery also requires a long-term process, also need him to be more tenacious will to face difficulties. These two days, Las Vegas Sunrise Hospital doctors conducted a test of Odom, that is removed after breathing equipment, see if he can swallow yourself. The test results are positive, Odom can complete autonomy to swallow. According to another report, Odom began to recover motor function. Other people’s help, he first got the bed, sitting in a chair. Doctors also conscious training his hand movements, such as thumbs, Waving. AC consciousness Odom also a lot stronger than before, but his expression is still very poor, can only say simple words. Clippers visit the Big Three former teammate These days, a lot of NBA players also went to Las Vegas to visit Odom. Odom admission, the Los Angeles Clippers play preseason games still in China.

After returning to the United States, the Big Three Clippers Paul, Griffin and Jordan together small Odom went to the hospital to visit. ‘I hope he will get well soon, I hope he can know a lot of people love him,
www.nbamtbuy.com pray for him in.’ Griffin said. Griffin and Odom also recalled his time playing together, ‘he told me very well, taught me how to deal with a bad situation. He told me that the entire season, you will have to play very smelly match, But do not be too concerned, to keep a happy state in this respect, he is very good, he always makes us very happy. Paul also spoke highly of Odom,’ He knows how to lead the team to win. When the situation is a bit serious, he will find a way to let everyone relax, happy laugh. coaching staff liked him very much, he is a incredible guy. ‘(Shaw Miles)