Odom Wade knees to pray for him to delay the plane took off Lakers

Lamar Odom is doing desperate struggle with death! This is an incredible story, the sports section of the US media reported the same thing yesterday, the tragic protagonist is the year the Lakers player Lamar Odom exploits. It is reported that the 35-year-old NBA star appeared Tuesday in Nevada City, South Pa Lunpu company called ‘Love Farm’ of entertainment, with more than one woman revel in a few days, and while taking a After the herbs, Odom was found
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Subsequently, Odom was taken to a local hospital Pa Lunpu, because it has been unable to spontaneous breathing, the doctor inserted the catheter for. In order to get better treatment, Odom has since been sent to the helicopter Las Vegas hospital. Currently the news is not optimistic: Odom is still in a coma, cardiac function has been gradually failure, we must rely on ventilator to sustain life. The league’s best sixth man before the tragic encounter, but also the entire sports circles moving, we have to act. As the year the Lakers teammate and friend, Bryant in the case yesterday, the team has not finished the preseason with the king, it is early exit taxi to the hospital to see a good buddy.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak subsequently rushed to the hospital, the Lakers team postponed plane took off, it is to be able to spend more time with Odom. In fact, more than the Lakers Odom concerned brothers, Odom had said, and Kohler Kardashian’s marriage broke down, completely ruined his life. Today, Kardashian and Harden emotional stability, but at this particular time, she was with her sister Kim Kardashian rushed to the hospital together, take care of her ex-husband.NBA Odom many players also are praying
nba 2k16 my team on their social platform, Cousins, Baron Davis, and many other active duty, retired players are praying on Twitter. Odom is very good personal relationship with Wade on the microblogging said:. ‘I can not do anything now, only knees as LO (Odom full name abbreviation) praying that God let him survive.’ to wave