Pirates general Ye Erdun like trumpet Bell

TJ Yeer Dun (TJ Yelton) rushed the ball 259 yards at present, the number of this year’s leading rookie running back, also rushed Jacksonville Jaguars team number one. The rookie’s performance also attracted the team this week’s opponent, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald – McCoy (Gerald McCoy) attention. McCoy represents: in my opinion, he is like
buy madden 16 coins the trumpet Le Weiang – Bell (Le Veon Bell). His strength is not particularly outstanding, but he has the ability to manufacture missed tackles. Even if you stand in front of him, you still might not grapple him. He is still very
NFL 16 Coins Buy young and have a lot to learn. But he is a great running back.

Currently, Ye Erdun the ball 70 times, advancing 259 yards, average yards for 3.7 yards. In addition, he also completed 10 times the ball, advancing 42 yards. He is currently the league’s only one ball number 80 times, failed to complete any touchdowns players. Ye Erdun progress every week, last week, he completed a career-first one hundred yards race. This week’s opponents in the anti-piracy runs in performance is not a color, a total of 18 times to allow opponents to complete more than 10 yards forward.