Police arrest suspected exposure Cisse Yizao hold sex video blackmail France foot

According to “parismatch” and a number of French media broke the news, the former France international Cisse was arrested on the grounds of his sex tape to blackmail France striker Madi Wu – Valbuena.

Cisse played for Liverpool

In France Tuesday morning, Cisse was police control, and his associates there are three people, they are in different places of arrest. French media reports, together with others, extortion effectiveness Cisse Valbuena Lyon, the player is French striker, because of short stature, by the fans dubbed the “pennant brother.”

According to French media, the police do not yet know whether there are “sex tape” exists, but it may be suspected Buena Cisse. Such an incident is currently causing a sensation in France, after all, it was once the French striker Djibril Cisse, who also played for Liverpool, Sunderland and QPR and other England team.

It is reported that, in order to spread Cisse group sex tape by Aisne, the police have been involved in the case, but no further details were disclosed, there is news that Cisse could soon be released.

Cisse, who was born in August 12, 1981, who won the French league top scorer, also on behalf of France played in the 2002 and 2010 World Cup. 2006 World Cup, in the friendly with China, Cisse was Zheng Tiduan right leg, causing missed the World Cup in Germany, a fact that has become the Chinese fans, “the talk.”