Pony second half collapse to keep the Patriots winning streak

Beijing at 8:30 on October 19, Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots. If the original put the valve \u0026 rdquo; suspensions take effect, the field that is the Patriots quarterback – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) in the season opener, but the fact is that pony quarterback Andrew – Mubarak (Andrew Luck) of comeback fight. Ultimately, the colt to 27-34 loss to the Patriots. Opening pony strike, face their victims patriot, undaunted, ran all the way to pass quickly advance to the Patriots with the red zone, the last four files 1 yards, touchdowns and five yards, pony choose storm,
nfl 16 madden coins Dan special – Munkeliv (Donte Moncrief) then Mubarak passing touchdown.

Patriots offense is still sharp, plus ground short pass forward, no solution approximate combo attacks, and finally took over the Julian Brady Road Direct – Edelman (Julian Edelman) have completed 12-yard touchdown, but Edelman is the right hand little finger bruises. Section II game came Brady rare throw a long pass, external Kexiao En – Martin (Keshawn Martin) 39 ball scored the other half 35 yards directly at the Patriots last shot 3 points ahead. After the anti-pony under attack again, the Patriots continued to attack, but in the red zone this side, Brady short pass Edelman, who was to get rid of defensive backs Mike pony – Adams (Mike Adams) steals, homeopathic back attack touchdowns, pony-ahead score, 0 steals gilded Brady season is broken.

After touchdown the Colts kickoff, unexpectedly took a gamble to play, almost grabbed the ball. Patriots escaped mind a little set, relying on the ground to promote regain the
cheap mut coins rhythm, running back ECLAC Leiter – Blount (LeGarrette Blount) suddenly angry, break through the layers of defense to complete the colt ran the ball 38 yards touchdowns, patriotic who once again go-ahead score. Colts offensive team did not continue to silence, they learn the Patriots every step forward, the last three yards under pressure in the case of Mubarak Road passing TY Hilton (TY Hilton) touchdowns, go-ahead score. Patriots offensive today, uncharacteristically, Brady another long pass found wide receiver Danny – amandola (Danny Amendola), advancing 35 yards, scoring pony halftime.