Power bid Bosa hope

May 25 to 28, Shunyi District bright primary, Sisin Primary School, Stone Park Elementary School, Dongfeng Yulong Elementary School campus and Dan Liuzhuang Fengtai District, five primary schools, nearly 500 students were came long Ying Street and the blue sky Lake harbor ice rink, conducted one hour on ice experience activities. Children learn to stand on the ice, still, scooters, feet sliding, skating and other infrastructure glide gliding action, laughter, children ushered in an unforgettable snow Children’s Day.

This is one of Beijing’s ice hockey association organized the “puck into the campus, help apply the Winter Olympics,” the activities. In support of Beijing Social Work Committee, the Beijing Municipal hockey association began in October 2014 “puck into the campus, help apply the Winter Games” campaign, so far into the 20 primary schools preach and organize their experience on ice . Purpose of the activity aimed at expanding population of snow for the Beijing bid to host the Olympic Winter Games to cheer Zhangjiakou.

This issue activity is expected to carry on into the 30 school lectures, organize the 3000 primary ice experience, and collect 10,000 signatures, and collect outstanding students writing codified as boosting Beijing Shen Winter Olympics ice hockey association of main content.