Preview Kobe Bryant for the Lakers play the leading role truce young warrior overturned

YORK, October 17 reported: Los Angeles Lakers just one win and four losses record in the preseason, the 18th they will clash with the defending champion in San Diego Golden State Warriors. Bryant will miss the game, the Lakers need Randall, Clarkson and Russell play a role in these young players, they have to fight for his unit to avoid losing streak. Warriors just find the winning feeling that they need for the regular season to continue running team, they have to increase efforts to avoid wounded. (Beijing at 10:00 on October 18 in San Diego Canyon View Center NBA TV live) in the preseason with the Kings, the Lakers not only suffered defeat, Bryant is still the third quarter was the top exit left knee injury.

Although has said Bryant’s injury is not serious, the Warriors should be able to participate in the game, but
nba 2k16 mt the current situation, when Kobe Bryant back still unknown. Bryant has missed the team training for two days, and some pain in his knee, which made him advance with the Warriors game to say goodbye. ‘Kobe just bruise,’ Scott said, ‘The most important thing is to get rid of the pain. Bryant said their toes and some pain, we have to wait until he got rid of these pain, then let him play, followed by efforts to recover the best condition. ‘preseason to Bryant as much rest, which is a good thing. In addition, since Odom admission, Bryant can not help physically and mentally exhausted, his friend’s situation has been very concerned about, and even Scott admits Bryant mood extremely heavy. In this case, the
website truce Bryant is the best way to relax, his body and mind need to get a release. Without Kobe, Lakers other young players will get more opportunities, they should strive to show themselves in the field. The Lakers have chosen to perform the third year of the contract and Randall, the young inside had a strong showing in the preseason, when he wants to strive against the Warriors in the paint to give opponents trouble.

Hibbert is the same, he wanted on rebounding and defense to help the team. Russell may return to starting, he and Clarkson combination guard to keep the offensive, they should strive to Curry, Thompson trouble. On the bench, Williams, Young, Bass, Metta World Peace, etc. must strive to make greater contributions to the team. Warriors win him back from the Rockets feel, although only the preseason stage, but the defending champion of the state
nba mt points is very good, even the Rockets coach Kevin McHale also admitted that the current two teams complete not on the same horizontal line. Curry, Thompson as long as the stage, they will remain aggressive to the Lakers trouble. But for the Warriors, the injury is a problem they can not help but pay attention. Before Barnes bone bruises, he missed the Rockets game, he may continue to miss the game against the Lakers. When Andrew Bogut was injured nose against the Rockets, which makes him ahead of departure, is still not sure if he could play the Lakers. If Bogut truce, Aize Li will get more opportunities.

As defending champion, the Warriors lineup stable, they have to do is to look at the lineup, strengthening rotating lineup of strength, so Wharton should use the opportunity to give more role players preseason playing time. Last season, regular season, the Warriors beat the Lakers 3-1 in the two teams clash in the last six, the Lakers got only one victory. The two sides are expected starting lineup Warriors: Curry, Thompson, Rush, Green, Aize Li Lakers: Russell, Clarkson, Brown, Randall, Hibbert