Real Madrid Barcelona with got into trouble! Checked match-fixing bribes 2000000


La Liga match-fixing investigation of the case more deeply, and now, finally pointing to investigate the two giants: Barcelona and Real Madrid. According to the Spanish “El Pais” disclosure, as more and more people involved in the investigation, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which has finally been proven involvement, while suspected match-fixing time is the last stage in the 2008-09 season.

Spain has not stopped the match-fixing scandal in its national survey, but because not involve giants, so it is difficult to headline the event, but now the two giants are involved which burst, suddenly the height of the heat on. According to “El Pais,” the disclosure of Valladolid club president Carlos Suarez survey shows that Real Madrid and Barcelona players have accepted bribes Osasuna suspected match-fixing in 2009.

Osasuna that season by former Spanish national coach Jose Antonio Camacho coached the team in the final stage seemed to downgrade a foregone conclusion, but the last two rounds in the face of these two giants Barcelona and Real Madrid, they turned back to life. Barcelona ahead when the two fight for the Spanish title last season, the first 37, Barcelona vs. Osasuna Osasuna rely Pandiani scored an upset 1-0 victory over New Forsythe a championship.

But these three points can not ensure complete Osasuna relegation, so in the first 38, the unthinkable happened again the scene: Real Madrid away from home in the first half 1-0 lead, but the second half but lost the next two goals, by Osasuna Na reversed, and Real Madrid’s Michel Salgado and Huntelaar also sent off. Rely on the last two victories of the two giants, Osasuna accumulated 43 points to complete the thrilling relegation.

Spanish “El Pais” to get the record of the court investigation, Suarez said the president of the club Valladolid, Osasuna club president Xiyizike asked him for help, “Osasuna’s time seems to have been be dead The team, but then they beat Barcelona and Real Madrid Yi Zike find me, my mind first thought was: ‘You are to us to borrow money to help you cover these things, right?’ ”

Under the judge’s questioning, Suarez disclosure requirements Osasuna club Valladolid help complete a false move, so Osasuna could cost four million euros to buy a ball off the cover. “6, 7 years ago, Osasuna and Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid came out a few things that they say to each Osasuna players two million euros. We lent them € 4 million, the second year they also the money. ”

Suarez also said that if he had asked any outdated Real Madrid general manager Valdano, Osasuna is two million euros to Real Madrid, Real Madrid drain so let Osasuna to score points to avoid relegation. “I heard they (Osasuna) gives you two million euros?” “Marca” Suarez informed questions to Valdano’s words, and it was published. But Valdano was how to respond, “Marca” without logging out.

Once verified Real Madrid and Barcelona to participate in the match-fixing, then the two clubs face severe punishment is inevitable. There may be unlucky Camacho, Aguirre is an example. Asian Cup in January, Aguirre led the Japanese team Zhibubaqiang. In February, the Japan Football Association lifted and Aguirre’s contract on the grounds that 56-year-old Aguirre involved in match-fixing scandal. Spanish media broke the news late last year, Spanish police are investigating Aguirre and another 30 people involved in match-fixing case. In 2011, Aguirre Zaragoza coach during a game with the team Levante between the teams have match-fixing suspects.