Real Madrid president has been urging: fast buy Boge Ba! Offer is not exposed more than 65 million


In recent weeks, Real Madrid heard people trust him to sign a series of recommendations Boge Ba. We want to instill Florentino mind an idea that is equivalent to signing Boge Ba signed a superstar in the summer transfer market, nobody Bibogeba better, but Real Madrid Barcelona must prevent the introduction of Boge Ba, next season, Frenchman anyway wear the Real Madrid shirt.

Each channel will have the same sound pass Florentino, we hope Real Madrid president can act to complete a big summer signing, Frenchman matter from which side are the stars, fans want to see him at the Bernabeu . Moreover, Boge Ba is still young, many years to come can be kicked out of good football.

Zidane also include praise to Florentino Boge Ba’s advantage:. “Boge Ba is great, I like most is that he is almost all-powerful, a lot of clubs interested in him, including Real Madrid this talent sure to make everyone interested in it was a very complete player, he has the ability to score, like assists on the standard of football, he was pre-eminent. ”

It is within the recommended Zidane will Guevara gave Florentino, now French defender at Real Madrid stand firm, but this time did not accept immediately Florentino Zidane views. Boge Ba outside of football, there are multiple questions Florentino, which hampered his introduction Boge Ba. First, the report on Boge Ba’s private life is not always positive, and secondly, his agent Layiaola weird attitude makes it difficult to close.

Real Madrid know Boge Ba’s price is astronomical, Juventus saw a number of top European giants Boge Ba’s interest, which is why, in Boge Ba broker Layiaola opinion, Boge Ba regardless of price How can not be lower than the price originally paid by Real Madrid to J Lo –8000 million euros. In fact, Paris Saint-Germain club even willing to pay 90 million euros for the Boge Ba.

Benzema and Guevara are Boge Ba friends, plus the help Zidane, Bo Geba if joined Real Madrid, adaptation will not be a problem. But Florentino still hesitant, according to the Spanish “ABC” reported that Florentino and Layiaola relationship is not good, so long ago, Layiaola to laugh at the Real Madrid president, said that several years ago 20 million euros Boge Ba can win you do not take, now Boge Ba can not just buy a.

Real Madrid If you buy Boge Ba, Esen agreement with Juventus, and “ABC News” reported that Real Madrid will not offer more than 65 million euros. Real Madrid believes that 80 million just Layiaola preached price, in the negotiations, must forget this, negotiations from scratch. If Casemiro can enter player transfers exchange program, that Real Madrid want to use not more than 55 million euros of the price to win Boge Ba, in fact Casemiro worth more than 10 million euros.

In Florentino still hesitated, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City and Barcelona and other clubs have speed, hoping to sign ahead of other clubs Boge Ba. It is up to the introduction of superstar Florentino when a button is pressed, and the people around him constantly in the proposal: “The President, quickly signed Boge Ba!”