Real Madrid with Manchester United picking up here! Ramos worth price to 100 million!


100 million euros, which is the team Real Madrid defender Ramos marked the latest prices. Ramos all interested clubs want to introduce him, must come up with 100 million euros in order to have such Andalucia guard. July 1 the “Marca” played “like a superstar to leave,” the title, said the transfer of the Ramos, Real Madrid to ask for a transfer fee of 100 million euros, Real Madrid will not take the initiative to let Ramos left, anyone who wants to To introduce Ramos club must pay the price.

It is reported that the recent Ramos and Real Madrid “underboss” Jose Sanchez had a meeting, a confidant of Florentino Sanchez Ramos told, if you want to leave Real Madrid, we must let him prepare a new club billion euros.

Manchester United is the club most interested Ramos, “Sky Sports” had exposed the United Ramos asking price for the 28.6 million pounds (about 40 million euros), then they revealed more heavy content: Ramos aspects He has told Real Madrid he wanted to leave Manchester United. “The Guardian” is further stated that the only Manchester United Ramos wants to join the team for Manchester City’s offer before Ramos was not interested.

However, ‘requirements from Real Madrid, Manchester United 40 million euros is not enough. Manchester United ready to send a new offer, but the new offer still with Real Madrid required a far cry from 100 million euros. Ramos is currently at Real Madrid’s annual salary of 600 million euros, he wants to get an annual salary of 10 million euros in the contract, but Real Madrid are only willing to provide € 7 million annual salary contract. Ramos’s salary came in after C Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema and Iker Casillas, is the team’s fifth-paying.

And close to the Spanish reporter Ramos Cano said, Ramos wanted to leave because Real Madrid failed to fulfill the promise: “Real Madrid rejected the other club’s offer to Ramos, because they want to hike in the Real Madrid won the tenth. Champions when Ramos promised the club level, let him get a better deal. But after the club did not fulfill its promise, Ramos raised this issue, there are two club Dodge said contract. Ramos and Cards West situation is very similar, are forced to leave. “