Reservation assists On Wall section cut half assists, 6 + 14 led double victory

Wizards 127-118 win over the 76ers, four games before the preseason 3-1, Walter played 21 minutes, shot 6 times hit two balls to get 6 points and four rebounds, sent a team-high 14 assists, while his presence Wizards 19 points margin of victory, the first section of the Wizards shot 41-22 scoring spree, he is also single-handedly instigated, 6 assists, the peak season, Wal averaging can After got 19.3 points in the previous quarter to reach 10 assists per game, Walter passing interest is getting bigger. Opening the game, the Wizards before four goals 3 assists from Walter Potter one person took three bullets from his hand to battle the enemy, the overall strength of the 76ers is not strong, the Wall resorted to such a performance soon led the team opened the points difference to double digits, 6 minutes 15 seconds, the Wall distance shot hit, followed by help Gortat dunks, a single kick Wal six assists, the Wizards team-leading 19 points, the outcome basically no suspense.

Over the past quarter, the Wizards make the playoffs, the Raptors swept the first round, the second round was defeated by the Eagles, they never failed to reach the East, the biggest reason is that Wal-Mart in the series against the Hawks missed three games in which three Wizards games 1 wins, 2 losses, he played seven games in the playoffs, the Wizards 5-2, he averaged 17.4 points not only, but also sent out 11.9 assists. Modern basketball rhythm faster, more investment
website and more three-pointers, such as Curry scoring point guard into the mainstream, a pass-first point guard disappearing old school. Paul is the representative of the old school point guard, but during the last quarter of the regular season, all play sessions over 50 players in the field, averaging Wall pass up to 71.1 times more than Paul. To the playoffs, averaging Wall to 78.6 times the number of passes, leading the second Mingluo Si 8.4 times. It can be said, if not his injury, perhaps the Cavaliers East must face is that the Wizards, for the upcoming season, the Wizards goal is still red crown. Wall into the state soon, the preseason four games, three games were getting at least nine assists, after today, he still came back the second section
nba mt points of the main attack to mobilize the team, even Humphries take his third shot the ball He can hit.

Half-time 15 minutes, Walter has sent 10 assists, easy side battles for Bill sent pass, like Wal-Mart did not intend to sell, and the score still leading the Wizards over 20 points, in this section of the middle Wall pass even sent twice after Buzz score climax, the Wizards will be worse once opened to 33 points, 6 minutes 01 seconds, the Wall was replaced rest, even though he can only get 6 points, Up to 14 assists for the Wizards
NBA 2K16 My Team Points team ahead still win the match. Distal both sides rotation wars, better to see the value of the Wall. Wizards did his offensive system collapse across the board, was the 76ers continuous play counterattack climax, if it is big enough lead, the Wizards will not necessarily be reversed 76, on the sidelines watching his teammates Walter quietly on the floor play, it was also very clear that he needs to assume responsibility for the new season, and may be more severe than last season.