Ronaldo movie role was withdrawn awarded 20 million Euro On

C Ronaldo, had a chance to star in a famous Hollywood director Martin – Scorsese’s new film ‘Mechanical persons’ (The Manipulator). However, the latest news that, C Lo’s role is revoked. Despite
fifa coins xbox the missed Hollywood debut, but the ‘Daily Sport newspaper,’ said, C Luo will get 20 million euros in damages.

Hollywood director Martin – Scorsese new movie ‘mechanical person’, the content based on the true story of Italian entrepreneurs Pronto, the famous actress Tatum will play this role. Ambrosio Brazilian supermodel protagonist is a movie, C Luo a cameo role. However, the Italian entrepreneur Pronto do not like C Ronaldo, Portugal superstar expect Hollywood debut this fall through. C Lo is Pronto abandoned, missed the debut in the movie ‘Machine’ – who, of course, the other side to bear certain financial liability. ‘

Daily Sport newspaper,’ the message said, in principle, C Lo can get 10 million euros in damages. But C Lo insisted that 10 million of compensation is not enough, his lawyer ultimately help him get double compensation. August, C Luo spent $ 18.5 million to buy 223 square meter apartment in New York Manhattan Fifth Avenue Trump Tower. Movie ‘mechanical person’ in this apartment finder, from media reports, has been able to guest roles in movies before C Lo, this apartment is soiled with light.

C Luo scenes were removed,
fifa coins online but the fans still have a chance to see the C Luo style mansion. Pronto Italian entrepreneur said why he did not want to appear in the movie Luo C, ‘C Lo is a great player, but this does not mean that he is the king of this world. I do not want to let him appear in a movie about my life director Martin – Scorsese support me, so C Ronaldo will not appear in the movie if the value of C Lo feel degraded, and I told him I’m sorry, but in life, there will win or lose… If I really need to give him 20 million euros, then I will personally give him the money. ‘Pronto is no ordinary person, he is a famous Italian Pronto Group CEO, said to be the movie’ Fifty of gray, ‘the overbearing CEO Christian – Gray, the prototype Pronto. C Luo August $ 18.5 million to buy New York mansion, former owner also Pronto.