Ross Ellis Borg is expected to return next week

Landry – Jones (Landry Jones) stepped in to help the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals strong. According to reports, the Steelers next week is expected to welcome back their quarterback this – Ross Ellis Berg (Ben Roethlisberger). Ross Ellis Borg said in an interview: Let’s see what I can do. I plan on Wednesday to participate in training and see
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buy madden 16 coins smart in this matter, I will protect myself. NFL’s official website reporter Ross Ellis believes Rosberg will not return with the Kansas City Chiefs game next week.

After the third week medial knee ligament injury, is expected to be absent Ross Ellis Berg 4-6 weeks, and next week, but the earliest potential return time. Stakeholders according to Ross Ellis Borg reservations state return, you need according to his performance in the coming days in order to make the appropriate judgment. In addition, this week’s game injured another quarterback – Michael Vick (Michael Vick) equally difficult to best prepare before the start of the race next week. He hamstring injury in the game, Jones is expected to be the starting quarterback next game. Steelers in the absence of Ross Ellis Borg situation remains 2-1, the team hopes to use a victory to greet the return of quarterback.