Running back Lynch still unable to determine whether to play the next game

Rest for a week and can not guarantee that running back Xiaoen – Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) can play the Seattle Seahawks game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Seahawks coach Pete – Carroll (Pete Carroll), told reporters on Wednesday due to the hamstring injury Lynch still
madden 16 coins need to be examined every day, the team until later this week could not clearly know whether he can play the next game. Seahawks running back position may face
buy mut coins a difficult situation in the face unbeaten Tigers.

Carol represents Fred Jackson – (Fred Jackson) in the game against the Detroit Lions high ankle sprain, but he thinks Jackson is expected to play against the Tigers game. If Lynch and Jackson both sidelined, rookie running back Thomas – Rolls (Thomas Rawls) will likely assume all third gear red ball task in this game. Rawls has made a lot of playing time in playing the game is difficult to find the red ball space, eventually rushed the ball 17 times to obtain 48 yards.