Running Hockery Children(2)


One hour of training costs about 350 yuan

Secretary-General of Beijing Liu Ge hockey association seems huge middle class population, more and more parents have overseas background, which carry the Beijing Youth Hockey played a role.

“A lot of parents understand hockey, you know after the children will participate in hockey culture, enhance physical fitness, teamwork and other aspects have a positive effect, it will support kids playing ice hockey.” Liu Ge said, “the cost of youth hockey in recent years have declined, but overall, still a lot of family responsibilities. ”

Hockey does not deny that sails high consumption movement. After looking though she did before, but the son of hockey practice or had an idea of ​​the cost, “It must have four years or three hundred thousand.” According to the Beijing Wolves coach Liu Yanhui introduce small children in a class of about 350 yuan club, training Time and a half hours, “about if one training, a class about $ 400, now generally three or four lessons a week. Children slightly larger because learning the reasons may be less, but will remain a week into two classes. ”

Liu Yanhui has represented the national women’s team participated in the Olympic qualifiers, and now has become an amateur team coach. The team, in addition to Liu Yanhui, the national men’s team also had just stepped down Zhang Wei Yang, who also hired a Canadian coach. “In fact, a lot of kids playing ice hockey in the future in order to be able to go abroad. Children can play side by side expertise to go there to learn, we hire foreign teachers, but also hope he can hockey culture to China, so that these children can quickly an integration abroad the local environment. “one coach said.

Sails confirmed this statement, “Since the ability, why not put him out there? Puck project in adolescence, our children and foreign children did not differ much, plus the Chinese people do very seriously, very hard to the current level and ability of these children, do not lose a little hockey in North America that more developed countries. “