Ryan Bill will not face Mali Horta roses

Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus – Mali Horta (Marcus Mariota) is one of the five most efficient quarterback this season NFL, he is also the best offensive rookie of the year candidate. His touchdown pass several fifth in the league, behind Aaron – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers), Carson – Palmer (Carson Palmer), Andy – Dalton (Andy Dalton) and Tom – Bray Di (Tom Brady). But with Brady as he only played three games. You can rest assured that he was Chiang Kai-shek on the rise in league talent, but was not able to make Buffalo coach Rex – Ryan (Rex Ryan) fear of the players, who will face the Tennessee Titans in the next game.

I think this child is not desirable at the time against us, Ryan said. I think it will not happen. fair to say that Ryan and his colleagues over the years to build their own defense group to join the new league for any player who is definitely scary. Changing defensive front, pretending to put pressure on the quarterback and four traps have been
cheap mut 16 coins an opportunity to make the game quickly turned into a nightmare for newcomers. 2009 season, Josh – Freeman (Josh Freeman) against the New York Jets in the first game of his 33 passes 93 yards made 14 successful steals
madden 16 coins the ball three times. In 2010, Colt – McCoy (Colt McCoy) 31 times 18 times successfully obtained pass 205 yards 1 touchdown.

2012, Andrew – Mubarak (Andrew Luck) 44 22 successful passes made 280 yards 2 passes were steals. 2013, EJ Manuel (EJ Manuel) 42 passes only 19 times to complete to obtain 243 yards 1 touchdown. But Mali Horta rookie season start performance than any person mentioned above are good. This is not to say that he Carajas high level, but both face the same creative evaluate the performance of the defense group will be very interesting when. If Mali Horta indeed match against Bill, roses we might see 2-2 Titans eventually into the right direction. If not, at least not lack companions Mali Horta.