Seahawks cornerback Simon will be placed on the injured reserve list

Seattle Seahawks on Saturday announced that they have cornerback – Simon (Tharold Simon) placed on the injured reserve list, the running back Rod – Smith (Rod Smith) from the training group promoted into the squad. Simon toe injury in the season opener before the war,
mut coin he had a brief appearance in the second week of the injury but then relapse. Similar injuries due Simon missed the
madden 16 coins entire rookie season. His first five games in the 2014 season, made 1 steals the ball. He played 43 stalls in the Seahawks play in the Super Bowl. Simon places in the lineup by running back Rod – Smith replaced him in the starting running back will Xiaoen – Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) missed the second game of the season for the team to provide the team depth running back position.

Smith from Ohio State University as an unsuccessful rookie to join the Seahawks, he rushed the ball 10 times to obtain 70 yards in the preseason, plus 6 catches for 27 yards made. He was abandoned before the start of the season, then was checked in the training set. Another unsuccessful rookie Thomas – Rolls (Thomas Rawls) will end the game against the Cincinnati Bengals in the first episode. Veteran running back Fred Jackson – (Fred Jackson) played into doubt due to an ankle injury. If Jackson can not play or recurrence of the injury in the game, Smith might get his first career appearances.