Second IFS ice Wyatt National Hockey Tournament start

Second IFS ice Wyatt National Hockey Tournament in Chengdu IFS ice rink Wyatt really ended, Randy team won the championship final Qiqihar, Chengdu team won the runner-up ice Yue, Henan Chamber of Commerce team won third place. It also selected the best scorer, the best player and many other awards.

Second IFS ice Wyatt National Hockey Tournament for the first time is the Southwest’s largest commercial ice hockey tournament, a four-day total of nine teams, has reached the scale of the Games standard. On May 23 the opening ceremony, the cheerleaders IFS ice skating coach Mu Si Yue Jin and cute kids pattern troupe composed pattern brings a wonderful performance, fuel for the race to help out. Later participating teams from around the country unified appearance.

Chengdu also sent an elite team, led by their little kids playing hockey, causing the audience applause at the opening ceremony also launched a wonderful exhibition, the game was made general manager of the Chengdu International Finance Centre Shaoyou Song IFS kick-off, direct the city to start a war. It is reported that, ICE & JOY Club ice skating rink will be held every year of large-scale ice hockey tournament will be held in July this year the National Youth Hockey Tournament, do please look forward to!