Secret football star suction gold Dafa: Why C Robbie Messi earn


Debauchery, floating Huasheng Jing, fame and fortune has been around football circles is not open topic. In the “Forbes” recently released sports suck bang, the football star in the top 100 accounted for 15 positions, with the entertainment industry is no different, no one can guarantee top Keeping popularity, Torres, Van Persie, Steven Gerrard and Franck Ribery and other major coffee-class people would fall this year to one hundred away, but the state lost Falcao is still strong. Of course, the biggest change is sustained living business empire top C Luo and Lionel Messi.

“Football double king” in the field of data each brush terror, on the sidelines, the two private competition also did not stop. Messi is the first brand Adidas, C Lo is a Nike spokesperson; Macy as Head & Shoulders platform, C Lo is the ambassador Chhnang; Massey and Turkish Airlines signed; C Lo is in cooperation with the Emirates; Messi is love He is the face of the watch, C Lo is the TAG HEUER’s pet; Messi is the first on the US “Time Magazine” cover the football star, C 罗则成 as the first in the history of fashion giant VOGUE Cover from football … …

To visualize or two suction gold contrast capabilities. In 2015 “Forbes” Sports suck bang, Messi ranked No. 4 worldwide, with last year, but its total revenue rose to $ 64.7 million from $ 73.8 million, mainly due to the beginning of the season, he signed with Barcelona one new contracts, the New Testament make Massey this June 2019 was due to earn $ 16.3 million a year.

In addition to the game revenue, Messi also scored a year from sponsors hands of at least $ 20 million, he and Adidas, Pepsi, Gillette, Audemars Piguet watches, Turkish Airlines and EA’s other top giants have long-term cooperative relationship . After March, Messi broke the Barcelona scoring record in team history, Adidas also customized a special commemorative edition Messi boots, boots after the launch sold out less than an hour in the United States.

Two months ago, Macy also appeared Samsung S6 “Avengers” version of advertising, cross-border starred Iron Man, Under My friends did not. Although Messi than C Luozhang Yang in personality, acting style is also far from commercialization, but its quiet, steady and well-behaved characteristic zero sex scandal made him into a profound and favorite brands.

Even so, the money indicators in the traditional sense, C Ronaldo is still slightly better than Messi edge. Although last season Messi crowned “Triple Crown”, and C Lo “nothing concrete”, but C Lo or annual income of up to $ 79.6 million, in the “Forbes” Sports suck bang beat Messi a ranking, the third highest in the world .

In this $ 79.6 million, there are 53 million came from Real Madrid wages and dividends, while up to 24 million from the sponsor commission. Because C Lo contract signed with Nike includes not only a huge endorsement fees, including performance-related bonuses to its field, breaking a number of personal records last season, he has become the world football first person to attract sponsors.