Ski Jumping World Cup in Japan’s Sara Takanashi won

Japanese champion Sara Takanashi on Sunday in the ski jumping World Cup ski jumping Rasnov station won the game.

On the day of the game, due to bad weather, only the final arrangements for the jump. Eventually, Sara Takanashi flying 95 meters with a total score of 121.4 points score champion, beat American players Nita – Englund of 118.3 points. Former World Cup champions Iraq Vuk – Stolz was third with 116.9 points.

This season’s ski jumping tournament ten times, leaving only three in the overall ranking, the current Iraq Vuk – Stolz ranked second ahead of Sara Takanashi 109 points, Germany’s Carina – Vogt It ranked third, with Sara Takanashi, 51 points behind.

The game results:

1. Sara Takanashi (Japan) 121.4 (95.0m)

2. Nita – Englund (US) 118.3 (94.0m)

3. Iraq Vuk – Stolz (Australia) 116.9 (91.5m)

4. Lean – Royal (Norway) 115.6 (94.5m)

5. Julianne – Seyafasi (Germany) 112.1 (93.0m)

10 games (13 games) after the total score:

1. Ira Vuk – Stolz (Australia) 782

2. Sara Takanashi (Japan) 673

3. Carina – Vogel (Germany) 622

4. Si Beila – Roger (Slovenia) 463

5. Ito Yuichi expensive (Yuki Ito Japan) 326