Spurs their third straight NBA preseason Kutun two new aid is far from satisfactory NBA preseason

Conducted in Beijing yesterday, the San Antonio Spurs to 86 than the 100 lost to the Atlanta Hawks, with three defeats, their worst record with high-profile signings this summer formed a contrast. Spurs opponents are ‘east Spurs,’ said the Atlanta Hawks, who worked with coach Spurs coach Gregg Popovich worked for many years, won the true mass Popovich, Boden Came Hawks began respected ‘basketball team’ concept.

Yesterday’s game, which has defeated the apprentice master means. The first half of this season, behind the Hawks gradually recovered feel they win by 20 points in the second half Spurs complete reversal. Hawks here a total of four players in double figures, Jeff Teague had a team-high 19 points. The Spurs side feel bad, the audience only hit four three-pointers, shot just 32.9 percent. 86 to 100, the Spurs lost to the Hawks, the former at the beginning of this month is also a bad idea winless preseason.

This summer, the Spurs are particularly active in the transfer market, they have bought Aldridge and David West, Aldridge is to be considered ‘Stone Buddha’ Duncan’s successor. The game, Aldridge did not play because of back spasms, the first two games, he averaged 23.5 minutes played, 12.5 points, is far from satisfactory. The West has ten million US dollars worth of low-wage willing to join, is considered an important reinforcement of the operating Spurs lineup. Have been carried out in three games, West averaged playing 20 minutes, scoring less than 4 points, yesterday’s game only 7 1 vote. West efficiency values ​​only three games 6.67, which with its 16.6 last season, a far cry from the efficiency value.Spurs won the 2013-2014 NBA championship last season, its lineup is almost ‘the millennium change,’ Duncan, Tony
nba 2k16 mt Parker, Manu Ginobili Although over the peak, but still has a strong ability, Green, Leonard gradually mature.

To attract big-name players this summer, which means the Spurs hope in the new season and the future to make a difference. After joining the new aid, and the chemical reaction lineup of running between the doomed player takes time, coach Gregg Popovich ‘miraculous’ capability may make the process faster. According to schedule, the Spurs also carried out three preseason games, opponents are the Detroit Pistons, Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets. (Intern reporter Li Ruyi)