Stoke City vs Chelsea Chelsea Zaiyu potter

Premiership 12 of a focus on war Jiqiangkaida, Stoke City will sits at home against Chelsea. Chelsea recent performance is very poor, the league has two did not win, the road has just scored a victory. The game, the face of a strong desire to win Stoke City team is bound to get into an arduous
fifa 17 coins struggle. By then it will also be broadcast live games to bring you friends, stay tuned. Match properties: the first 12 Premier League Match Time: November 8 1:30 am Venue: Britannia Stadium alloy anchor: Hack Aspect One: Mourinho will not play the first 10 Premier League, Chelsea lost 1 to 2 West Ham United.

Mourinho allegedly insulted the referee in the game, midfielder Shihai trying to break into the referee locker room, Mourinho is therefore fined the stands. After the game, Mourinho directly get on the bus to leave, did not attend the news conference and interview. The FA recently also decided to Mourinho banned for one game, fined 4 million pounds penalty. The game, Mourinho will not be sitting on the bench. Mourinho recent interview, he even said they would not watch the game. Aspect Two: People Availability Stoke gates will Shay, defender Cameron, Ho Cellou forward to injury, while only Chelsea goalkeeper Courtois, substitute striker Falcao will injury, where Falcao is expected to return later this month. But this game, for Chelsea, more favorable, the defender Ivanovic has recovered from, this game is likely to be back.

Aspect Three: Can Chelsea revenge in the League Cup this season, four of the game, Chelsea away to Stoke City, the results of a penalty shootout defeat to rivals, was eliminated. That game, Stoke Walters first to break the deadlock, while Chelsea Remy before the whistle to help the team to tie the score. Overtime the two teams goalless draw, into the penalty shootout. Results Chelsea defeated in a penalty shootout. The campaign once again challenge Stoke City, Chelsea and down also looking forward to re-conquer the opponent and gain a victory.