Swiss prosecutors had sent a criminal investigation exposed Blatter Platini 2000000

Platini involved in the September 25 evening Beijing time, Swiss prosecutors decided to expand the criminal investigation procedures Blatter, the latter’s office in Zurich were searched, according to the Swiss attorney general said the main counts Blatter is to broadcast Right below the market price to sell and Platini had paid a sum of money 2 million Swiss francs is unknown, but it is unclear the specific nature of this amount. In the past two days, the FIFA Executive Committee to determine just held including the 2022 World Cup race, a number of agenda, and FIFA president Sepp Blatter had also planned to hold a press conference on Friday afternoon.

But FIFA without prior notice suddenly canceled the conference, so that the presence of more than 70 reporters waiting without success. But in Beijing on September 25 evening, the British "Guardian" reported that the reason for the absence of Blatter press conference because he was after attending the FIFA Executive Committee accepted the challenge of the Swiss Federal Office. At the same time, the Swiss authorities also conducted a search of the headquarters of FIFA, and took away some of the information from Blatter’s office. Swiss Attorney General Michael – Lauber in an interview, confirming an earlier Swiss broadcaster Blatter found a below-market price to sell television rights to the former FIFA officials – Jack Warner. Lauber said: "On the one hand, we suspect that in the September 12, 2005 Joseph – Mr. Blatter and Caribbean Football Confederation (- Jack Warner, when he was the President of the Caribbean Football Confederation) signed a contract that does not comply with international FIFA interests.

On the other hand, there is a suspicion that the execution of the contract in Blatter also violated his fiduciary duties, contrary to the interests of FIFA or FIFA marketing and broadcast companies. "In addition to Beyond this, Lauber also announced a more alarming allegations, and UEFA president Michel Platini has also been involved: "In addition, Joseph – FIFA President Sepp Blatter has also been suspected of using funds Platini paid more than 200 million Swiss francs in compensation, this money is for the latter work during January 1999 to June 2002, and the payment occurred in 2011 – to UEFA president Michel in February, as with all defendants, innocent inference applies to Joseph – Mr. Blatter, "but did not specify Lauber specific circumstances about 1.3 million pounds of this money, so it is not clear this matter for Poor Latini severity, but only know the latter also "be asked to provide the relevant information." At the same time, FIFA official website also released a statement, said it would fully cooperate with the work of the Swiss Attorney General: "Since the beginning of May 27, 2015, FIFA has already begun with the Swiss Attorney General’s Office (OAG ) to expand cooperation and to meet all requests documents, data and other information.

We will continue this level of cooperation in the investigation underway today at FIFA headquarters, the representative survey carried out in accordance with OAG asked and collected documents. FIFA will ask those seen as part of the cooperation of our ongoing Regarding the progress of the current investigation we will not be further described. "