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Real Madrid president finalized: this summer to sign Aguero at all costs!


Every summer to sign a superstar, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez’s strategy will not change, according to the “Aspen” revealed that this summer, Real Madrid to sign the “first card” Manchester City [microblogging] [microblogging] of Aguirre Luo [microblogging].

“Aspen” revealed that these days the top office at the Bernabeu, was the most frequently mentioned name is Aguero, Florentino and his aides concluded that the only way to bring summer sensation, and an operation of signing, he is to win Aguero.

Since entering in 2015, Real Madrid has been finalized transfer 5 pen, a total cost of 57.7 million euros, including Danilo (30 million), Lucas – Silva (14 million), Casemiro (7.5 million) , Asensio (3.9 million), Odo high (2.3 million). But for Real Madrid President, it is still a difference between the star signing, just as the buy C Ronaldo, Kaka [microblogging], Benzema, Bell same.

“Aspen” said the Real Madrid Florentino think it needs new inspiration and motivation to a new era Benitez boost. About the C Lo marking 9, Bell played left wing and other tactical adjustments, Florentino considered only fragmentary details of his plan is to re-sign a superstar, on the one hand to appease the disappointment of last season Real Madrid fans, other on the one hand to consolidate his political popularity.

According to the “Aspen” assessment, signing Aguero need at least 60 million euros, taking into account this year has been spent out of the nearly 60 million, and then there is Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging] goalkeeper De Gea to sign so Real Madrid will have to consider the sale of existing players to balance the team. Benzema and Fabio Coentrao’s name was mentioned, in particular, the French striker, into the market is expected to sell a good price, while Aguero to make room. Overall, Real Madrid’s strategy is even Zaguomaitie sign Aguero.

Meanwhile, the British “Daily Mail”, also known as Real Madrid Aguero restart acquisition of interest, and Benzema could be sold object. The paper said that Aguero fiery performance in the America’s Cup, Real Madrid rekindled desire for him. Just this week, Aguero said he was very happy at Manchester City, hoping to get the Champions League here. But if Real Madrid turned on the acquisition of offensive, whether Argentines will change your mind, which is not known.

“Daily Mail” said the list submitted to the acquisition Benitez Florentino, the focus needs to strengthen the position of right-wing, left back and midfielder, but not acquired for the needs of the center. But Florentino wanted to buy Aguero, is not required for tactical coach, but more for the star and market effects. If you really bought Aguero, it may affect Benitez C Lo center transformed into the 9th bit of tactical plans, but the Real Madrid president, do not care, he will still buy accordance with their wishes, and then to Coach to “digest.”