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J Lo mad praise Neymar: his performance was incredible


America’s Cup first round group stage, losing to Venezuela, Colombia, in the post-match press conference the day, Real Madrid star J Lo has become a hero, at the conclusion of the team’s performance at the same time, J Luo praised his generosity in La Liga and Americas Cup opponents double Neymar, it represents Neymar has reached unbelievable levels.

First game defeat, J Lo’s conclusion is:. “You will always encounter a bad game, must now unite a difficult game against Brazil to Venezuela under consideration, the game is very closed, very difficult for Brazil It will open up a lot. Brazil will create a lot of space, which we frontcourt very favorable. ”

Speaking on the Brazilian game, J Lo said: “This is not revenge, we have to it as a game you want to play well, but can not be considered revenge Neymar is in the unbelievable level. But they want to beat Colombia, also must exhibit good state. We want to go all out to achieve the best state, beat Brazil. ”

Want to beat Brazil, what is the key? J Lo said: “Our formation must be compact, as in the past the uniqueness of the wind Supergrass, we must be united, Colombia wants to enter the next round..” J Lo said his body harmless: ” Venezuela hit pay to pay, but no problem, thought a dislocated shoulder, but a false alarm, the situation is not serious. ”

Falcao play around in what sense? “I hope to closer Falcao or other forward play. I’ve been trying to provide assistance to the Venezuelan striker was very close attention, we must have patience and confidence, hope everything goes well for Brazil. Falcao, Jackson or other Players are to help the team, no one wanted to lose, Falcao has gone out to all is a good thing, it does not affect my access to restricted areas. ”

“1/4 finals? First thing to consider next win the next game, that’s it, we do not have in the dressing room afterwards. Our philosophy has been the same, we want to play good football, but failed to meet the expectations of Venezuela.”

What about the competition after a season at Real Madrid? “Real Madrid is fine, but in the national team, I am just one of them, I’m pretty good, just want to help the team, I have been to help the team, so the team win. I’m pretty good physical condition, mentally better. I have to do is be patient, always looking for space, for me, was man-mark is a good thing, because you can let my teammates or scoring opportunities fabrication. ”

As a popular, Colombia suffered a painful, J Luo said:. “This is the outside say, the media said, we all know that inside, the game is very difficult, everything in Venezuela are likely to happen, but we have to forget about participating in the the highest level of competition, the case. Let’s defeat to Venezuela alert, nothing easy. It also allows us to unite, not only to win time so, when should lose the case. you for your support for our pursuit victory is very important. “