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Xu Meng Tao: Harvest inner growth expectations in the country to participate in the Winter Olympics

Unlike in previous years, China ushered in the freestyle skiing aerials adjust the year, while the main players, but also the Chinese New Year has finally ushered in a rare holiday.

The evening of February 15, from Zalantun train to Shenyang, February 16 in Anshan, Liaoning arrival home, stay at home for 5-6 days, and then on the 22nd to Xinjiang and then training than the national championship. “The main task is to leave with their parents,” This is the aerial skill team champion, Xu Meng Tao Sochi Winter Olympic Games runner-up New Year program. “The last home for the holiday can not remember, ten years ago, it should be!” Xu Meng Tao very much looking forward to go home.

Horse is Xu Meng Tao year, which this year is worth for her collection a year. “The Olympics, bid, graduate, nest, World Championships, family, friends, these are the labels let me grow.” And leaving her natal harvest, especially in inner growth. “Inherent powerful than external tougher! Face of success and failure, I would first choose to accept, and then find ways to make themselves more perfect!” After the Sochi Winter Olympics silver medal, bronze medal of the world championships in Austria After ups and downs, Xu Meng Tao said frankly.

Ram arrival, Xu Meng Tao hope parents, health, home, business is booming skewers own successful career around friends, happy! For his career, Xu Meng Tao said: “The blessing to be able to do more athletes to enjoy training every day, every bit of growth, each stand on their own on the field, but also to achieve ambitious, down to earth!”

Beijing Zhangjiakou mentioned joint bid for the Winter Olympics, Xu Meng Tao said excitedly: “As an athlete, if you can participate in the Winter Olympics in their own country, that is the last generation to repair a blessing, is very lucky, but for all winter athletes Dream! Olympic Winter Games opportunities, and allow more people to participate in winter sports with enthusiasm, casting ice Chinese dream! “

Beijing Junior hockey competition to showcase China to the United States Hockey Project Development

In the February 16 President’s Day, held in St. Louis Junior Hockey League Cup, Beijing Coyotes hockey team won the 04-05 group winner! The race Beijing coyotes hockey players total nine, born from 2007 to 2004 across the four ages of birth, although usually in a team, but not a group, the temporary team to participate in the group 04-05 to win the game in one fell swoop. This is the China Youth ice hockey team to participate in a competition held in the United States for the first time to win! The first winter sports showcase China to the world, especially the new hockey team project achievements made.

With China’s bid for 2022 Winter Olympics, China’s winter sports are highly valued and rapid development, public participation in the launch, under the guiding ideology ruled, hockey programs in the country, especially flourish in Beijing, according to statistics, only Beijing is learning hockey youth have three thousand people, and the annual growth potential blowout.

Emerging movement to bring a wider range of international communication space, this time Beijing Coyotes hockey team to the United States to participate in the competition, but also reflects the needs of the movement in the new situation, learn hockey players and families eager to go abroad international, dating to the ball the ball exchange. These small players from China, this line went, by the local fans, players and even coaches parents greatly welcomed, local dispatched a high-level coach unreservedly for our words and deeds of small players, the playing field “let’s go let’s go little wolves “cheering after another, between players, between parents, between coaches built on a short tour to learn the game in a deep affection and barrier-free communication in the real understanding of the world and also to let the world know more about the China.