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Energy Version Bomberman debut demo experience BombSquad

NES childhood when we play, always willing and their friends to a bomb War, when the bomb is still very immature, very single species bomb upgrade, usually in order to increase the power of the bombs or bomb release speed Lord, have up to a time bomb, but it is such a simple design, is still able to give us endless fun. Recently, a man named “BombSquad” game into my field of vision, the game not only replicates the classic Bomberman gameplay, also made no small change on the basis of it, so this game is played becomes more diverse!

“BombSquad” game screen is not really amazing, but it is certainly much better than the previous bomb, which uses a 3D screen to build, has a very distinct character modeling portrayal, but the line a little rough, do not talk to games of par. But the players not to worry about their own eyes, “BombSquad” the game’s most critical “explosion” effect design is still very good, every bomb explosion, will give you enough visual impact!

“BombSquad” operation set is very straightforward, the lower left corner of the direction keys, the lower right corner for the attack, jump, took a bomb, throw bombs, the whole operation is very convenient, if the operation is used properly, all kinds of rejection Lei high-end skills are able to achieve!

“BombSquad” actually advocated player multiplayer mode of the game, which supports 2-8 players in the same WiFi network environment for the war, of course, also has a variety of patterns, such as Capture the Flag battle of the war, the war, etc. scramble , more distinctive puck war can definitely make you play to High!

Compared to the multiplayer mode, “BombSquad” single-player mode becomes more general, it is only prepared a number of single pass through the checkpoint for the players, but not much to play with meaning, but used to practice hand is good, the game is still Battle for playing with friends, really interesting.

In fact, multiplayer games on the phone really is not too much, “BombSquad” is definitely the top row of a performance, it’s fun to bring players as much as Bomberman on NES year, a variety of bombs Choose different modes and challenges, absolutely can give you and your partner brings little joy, game very operational, so that you can be on the phone on the show from God’s own operations.