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Van Gaal warned Degea: afraid you might go to Real Madrid when the team left the bench

Manchester United goalkeeper Degea have not yet finalized their own future, even though he wanted to move to Real Madrid, but due to various factors that have been unable to reach a deal. Manchester United has just signed Romero of Argentina country, so the team had more choice at the goalkeeper position. According to the “Daily Mail” reported Van Gaal hinted in an interview with the team is now ready to leave for the Degea.

Van Gaal said publicly referring to the team’s goalkeeper, he will not establish an absolute number one keeper, and Romero Degea need competition. Van Gaal said: “I’ve spoken Degea Romero and, in my team, always the best players to start, so you have to fight for their position.”

“Degea might go to Real Madrid, but I think Romero could fill this position, we are more than likely to occur in Degea must do to prepare the body. I think Romero is a good choice, I hope he can to help us, I have confidence in him. “Van Gaal says.

“Daily Mail” this interpretation is that the introduction of Manchester United Romero, on behalf of the team has to Degea may leave the team ready, and Van Gaal warned Degea, even though he left the team, One the starting goalkeeper position will also be threatened.