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Teams: The requisition 5 lean veteran

Chinese women’s ice hockey team was founded in 1991, was an international ice altar teams. But in recent years, lean team, the team had convened several other veteran Sun Rui. Winter Sports Management Center Minister of the Ministry in the days of the German Ice Hockey admits insufficient Chinese female ice strength.

Historically, Chinese women have won the 1998 ice Nagano Section 4, step away from the medals. 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the 2010 is the first seven. However, the Chinese team into a long period of reconstruction, has been unable to restore strength to the optimum. “The overall situation is not optimistic, now old age, some larger players, injuries are also a lot of young players the coach or the team has yet to reach the expected rapid growth.” Sun Rui 1998 will enter the national team, but also several times in recent years, a comeback .

This team mobilized the five veteran players, they irreplaceable role in the field. Opener against the Netherlands, China Sun Rui team two goals are scored. Second World War against North Korea, Sun Rui and Qi Xueting sent two assists, goalkeeper Yao Shi has repeatedly defuse dangerous situations.

Ice hockey competition, the opponents each team take turns to be divided into three groups played. It seems that the days of Germany, the three groups of Chinese female ice strength is not balanced, “in the configuration of the three groups, only Sun Rui this group is stronger than the opponent, the two other groups less than their opponents.” Germany said in the days the reserve force of the Chinese women’s ice obviously not keep up, “hockey can not rely on 10 people to play, train and level of our reserve forces do exist some problems.”

Strategy: Beijing plans puck into the City Games

Ice Hockey World Championships in Beijing with deep roots in 1981, it has hosted the men’s ice hockey world championships. In 2003, Beijing has successfully bid for the World Championship race at the highest level, but canceled because of SARS. By now in Beijing and Zhangjiakou joint bid for the Winter Olympics in the background, ice hockey world championships in Beijing do not have a sense of return.

“Beijing had hosted the figure skating, short track speed skating, snowboarding, curling and other winter sports international competitions, the World Championships will promote the diversification of female ice Beijing winter pattern of events.” Chen Jie, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, said, World Championships held in Beijing on the development of ice hockey, will be a milestone event will also promote Beijing’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Chen Jie said, Beijing’s annual operating rink has seven registered hockey club from 2013 growth of 6 to 9, nearly 2,000 registered players, more youth-oriented. To promote the development of winter sports in the future will build more ice rink in the outer suburbs, and plans to Hockey Games officially included in the City project.

Championships, CCTV sports channel (CCTV5 +) will broadcast live the Chinese team all five games, this is the first live CCTV5 + after the establishment of ice hockey tournament. In addition to making public signal, but also set the scene commentary, unilateral reporting point, at the same time shooting the documentary, broadcast standard close to the Olympics. Game site, also launched the “5+ snow season” activities, snow and ice to allow the audience to understand the knowledge, experience hockey.