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Figure skating champion Mao Asada of Japan decided to return to the track

According to Japanese media site on May 19 reported that the Japanese figure skating star Mao Asada at 18 pm in Tokyo held a reporter conference, said:. “. Will be back on the court’s goal is now to return to last year’s level” indicates a continuing Players career ideas.
Asada final ranked sixth in Sochi Olympics, won three World Championship titles, and she also won the highest number of Japanese figure skater in the world championships. But in May last year, Asada said: “their physical and mood adjustments need to rest.” Show temporarily to rest for some time. And for a return to the track or to rest after retirement, she replied:. “Chance of half and half of it.” But earlier this month to the General Assembly Asada target to begin training, her fate attracted everyone’s attention.
The reporter conference Asada said: “At the end of the Sochi Olympics, really like to give up skating, but as time goes on, slowly began to yearn game, you want to feel again show gives me a sense of accomplishment, I began to think To return to the court in March after communication with the coach, decided to start training this month. “In addition, she also said:.”.. will make 100% effort to return to the game is not yet considered what the Olympics, want first to restored to the level of last year’s world championships as the goal. “show the will to continue the athletes career.
Reporters conference brought together more than 200 correspondents scene, Mao Asada surface to be a smile, preferred to answer a reporter’s question, time is about 20 minutes.
After Mao Asada will be 7 – ice show held in August in Sapporo and Sendai City and other places in the performances, and to participate in this year’s Fall Meeting of the goal, continue to strengthen the training.

Skiing with the body! It can be worn skis

Skiing has become a movement of the people is indispensable, but in the past few years we have seen a growing emphasis on the quality of the sled, even more than ice skating, ski equipment. Xiao Bian found recently SnoSoot made a unique innovation, the sled wore skis let you into the body. Here take a knowledge about it!


For example, some high-performance sleds Snolo Stealth-X, Zibock and Backyak can be folded open or easy to walk up the mountain, without need to use a rope to drag the heavy sleds, as long as the folding / disassembled sled release In the back carrying it.

And SnoSoot of this design is more convenient, you can wear it on the body downhill. It may look a bit like a heavy protective vests, as well as a large filling plastic retaining strap, but also a belt can make you more comfortable when going downhill skiing, but also better control the direction.

Warren Gibson at the age of 12 have a SnoSoot idea, when he sat in front of the window staring at the Ashland, Oregon Mountain ski area outside the window, he began to think there is no other ski can more easily learn to use and more secure, not easy injured. Since then, SnoSoot the idea slowly took root in his mind. Finally in 2013, a decade later, Gibson SnoSoot set up a limited liability company and began to pursue the dream of designing his mind, and applied for a patent in the next two years trying to make his ideas will come true.


Gibson said:. “This product is made from polycarbonate plastic and mechanical level made of ABS, the election of these two materials because they have unique properties carbonate can be bent and nearly broken off and will not continue, ABS is very rigid material, can well support the rails and other objects at the edge of the two bent rails there are two pieces of polycarbonate, which would allow the ski area becomes larger force. ”

Gibson is now committed to the model to pay more separate abdomen (first face) and back (first legs) and, of course, there are other people more comfortable to add elements, including bundled in the hands of the brake system. Upgraded version also includes a rear steering and brake foot plate. According to Gibson introduced the adult version of the different types of equipment based on body weight between 3.6 ~ 4.5KG, young people are between 2.7 ~ 3.6KG.


Wear a mini pad may sound like a child skiing downhill as funny, but this device is really interesting enough to keep your inner child screamed with excitement live laugh (and died soon yo).

Men’s team after a lapse of four years to return to Serie B into the Olympic Ice Hockey Group A China still difficult

2015 B men’s ice hockey world championships in South Africa Group B match ended, the Chinese team than 7 Halo 3 easily beat hosts South Africa, which won five straight victories, after a lapse of four years to return to Serie B in group A (equivalent Worlds Race 4 levels). Last night, this reporter to contact the Chinese ice hockey team leader in South Africa in the days of the German long-distance telephone and through the body. He recalled that when the game is still very excited, “This is the Chinese team in recent years, played the most beautiful race!”

As one of the oldest sports in China, “fighting spirit,” said a team of Chinese men and 34 years ago, the ice into the world championships in group B, but shortly after the record landslide. Reid said in the days, the team won overwhelmed liters group is not easy, but the road to recovery is still long Chinese men’s ice hockey, “domestic athletics hockey foundation is weak, reserve personnel shortage, the need for policy, social forces, and many other support.”

Past: Male ice bring “hockey hot”

In March 1981, during the World Championship Group C match male ice, which can accommodate 18,000 people in the Capital Gymnasium almost sold out games, 11 days schedule a total of 30 million people watch the games scene, hot scene. At that time, the Chinese men won the runner-up and the first cut ice Group B, the sense of “hockey fever” has swept the capital, the impact of the country.

German memories of the days, the 1970s and 1980s, the Chinese hockey good momentum of development, the three northeastern provinces, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Beijing and other places have ice hockey team. “Long northern winter, outdoor ice rink than a few schools, factories often organized hockey when there are more than ten domestic professional support team.”

But since then, due to collective projects such puck into large, slow, a lot of places to cancel the ice hockey team, in turn develop into a small, quick-impact projects. Hockey team and shrinking population, only Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces have a small amount of a few teams barely.

“Small team, no game, unable to raise the level of achievement decline, reducing investment in all aspects. Coaches and players living in poor conditions, where there are people who want to play?” In the days of Germany that, due to the brain drain too fast, lack of reserve forces, Chinese male ice has quit the ranks of Asian teams.

Status: The days have borne Baba

Currently, the domestic men’s ice hockey team remaining in Harbin, Qiqihar, Jiamusi three professional teams and the only adult club team Beijing Hao Thai team. “Professional team of days have borne Baba, to a lesser extent of Harbin and Qiqihar have some team building, but GuoZiHao far failed to meet the needs of the team.” Reid said on the day.

“Hockey training alone will not do the project, a team want to improve performance, at least a year to be comparable to the strength or stronger opponents play a lot of games. But few domestic hockey team simply did not make up the domestic league.” In the days of the German introduction, Chinese male ice recent performance rebounded slightly, thanks to participate in the Asian Hockey League, “often with strong adversaries, improve faster.”

In order to encourage the country to carry out ice hockey, the provisions of the State Sports General Administration, 2012 National Winter Games ice hockey championship team received increased to three gold medals. However, the New Deal did not play for the local sports department stimulation.

Beijing Hao Thai team was founded in 2009, although the nature of the club, but the rapid progress early this year to represent China in the World University Winter Games. The club investors Zhang Yuan (microblogging data) be very happy, but he also has a lot of frustration, “due to financial and other constraints, we can maintain the status quo has not easy.”

Future: Policy hope to get through the crux

In recent years, domestic cities off the teenagers’ hockey hot. ” Beijing, for example, the just-concluded 7th City Youth Hockey League a total of five age groups, Detachment 96, more than a thousand players to participate, the scale creating the most ever.

However, the mass base is still hard to get into hockey competitive level selection purposes. Right now, the city’s number of elementary schools, junior ice hockey team has been formed, but the high school and college hockey is still blank. “Unless study abroad, otherwise the child to school will not be able to display their hockey skills, forced to give up.”, Said on the day Germany.

In his view, the Chinese hockey Ruoyu system development, policy is the primary factor. “On the one hand, to strengthen the body to teach hockey programs combine to encourage college and high school hockey team formation. In addition, to establish a more professional team, to create a domestic league.”

Zhang Yuan believes that China needs more hockey to support social forces, “is not one we can hold up to government, business and society must join forces to jointly build a broader platform.” He said, Beijing actively bid for 2022 Winter Olympics will be the Chinese hockey important development opportunities.

Secretary-General of Beijing Liu Ge Hockey Association, said the current situation, in order to enhance the strength of Chinese hockey, achieve goals at home to participate in the Winter Olympics, “need help system, mainly policy, such as sports and education sector collaboration, Sports Students enrolled in colleges and universities should also consider the child to play hockey. ”

According to the Beijing Municipal Education Commission relevant responsible person said, the education sector is preparing teaching materials, so that the Winter Olympics of knowledge into the school curriculum, support qualified schools to promote winter sports.