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NHL ice hockey game in the field were. Generally, each with six players per team on the field at the same time, each one is wearing skates; a team has five players and a goalie. Goal of the game is called “Puck” hardened rubber disc on both sides of the court enters the enemy goal and score. Players with one end of a long curved paddle-type objects puck control. Puck into the goal keeper managed to keep inside.

hut 15
Every NHL regular season games a total of 60 minutes. Competition is divided into three sections, a total of 20 minutes per session, 15-minute pause between each. After the end of the regular 60 minutes, the most number of goals in the team win. If still tied after the end of regular time, extra time will be carried out. Plus five minutes when using the gold into the game system that any party to the winning goal immediately; each team can only send four people (not including the goalkeeper). If the game is still too close to call after extra time, then in the form of mutual plum bamboo between injections ball; factions three players per team were single-handedly shot the ball. If not yet have the results of each shot after three rounds, each team will continue to send players to the plum bamboo form between each shot, until a winner. Winner gets two points, the loser places count as overtime defeat, have a point.
In the playoffs, the overtime rules are different, mutually injection game is deleted; replaced by a limited number of 20 minutes 5 on 5 in overtime, taking the same golden goal system. Theoretically game might go on indefinitely, but only a few games is ever more than four overtime periods, and no more than six of them overtime periods.