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Inter Milan has signed 2 reinforcements! 28.5 million purchase beast waist + Barcelona wing of agreement


Inter Milan in the transfer market action very quickly, after AC Milan from the hands grabbed Hole Shakespeare, Inter Milan continued their signings pace, according to Italian news media has been close to signing Inter Milan midfielder Yin Bula Marseille and Barcelona Montoya backs up.

“Gazzetta dello Sport” with Sky Sports, said the Inter Milan has been very close to signing on loan and Montoya, and in fact after Inter Milan to total cost of nearly 40 million euros grabbed condor Shakespeare when the Italian media are not optimistic about Inter Milan and then spend millions to buy Ruyinbula, and after the famous Inter Milan is ready to sell the former Juventus midfielder Melo.

But the action of the international Milan is still very decisive, according to Sky Sports News International Milan has with respect to  Marseille negotiated the details of the transfer, lease one million euros, followed by 18 million euros mandatory buyout, and had to join the competition Naples has withdrawn, and Yin Bula and I was very much looking forward to joining Inter Milan.

But this can not get Inter Milan the only trading day, according to Sky Sports News, Inter Milan has been with Barcelona on Montoya’s transfer agreement, lease costs 150 million euros, followed by 700-800 ten thousand euros buyout .

This will 因布拉 Montoya was added together with the words, the total price is reached 28.5 million, the total price of 40 million euros the previous count of Hole Shakespeare, Inter Milan investment reached nearly 70 million euros.