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Western media exposure has been finalized Boge Ba Barcelona officially joined the summer of 2016


“Boge Ba, 2016,” Wednesday’s “World Sports Daily” once again brought good news to the fans, the newspaper said, Juventus executives already know, Boge Ba will play another year at Juventus, then in next year summer to join Barcelona. Director of the two clubs Braida and eating together Marotta Monday to finalize the last details of the agreement.

According to the “World Sports Daily,” saying that Barcelona technical director Braida and Juventus sporting director Marotta, dine together Monday in Milan to discuss the details of the agreement and the transfer Boge Ba. At Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain to join the case, Braida hoped that the negotiations can result into effective prior agreement.

Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City wants at all costs to introduce Boge Ba, but Barcelona’s advantage is very obvious, because the red and blue army Braida did a lot of work. Boge Ba agreement between the two sides play another year at Juventus in 2016 and then to Barcelona. Barcelona is a major success of the negotiations based on the players themselves to accept such an agreement, he has his own idea to the “old woman.”

Braida and Marotta had met in a restaurant in Milan, after the two went to a more private place to negotiate. Braida want to accomplish two goals: on the one hand to avoid Juventus and other clubs to negotiate, on the other hand, but also to “old lady” and any candidate not to negotiate a Chairman Barcelona, ​​but with the Club direct negotiations. Braida now reached the end, Juventus executives promise, not with Laporta and other high-level contacts.

However, Boge Ba broker Layiaola is another matter. Although Boge Ba insists he wants to play another year at Juventus and then to Barcelona to play, Layiaola still open the door, even in contact with Real Madrid. Real Madrid Zidane’s help, also persuaded Boge Ba.

Braida helped Barcelona to finalize the agreement, and now to see who was elected Barcelona president. If 巴尔托梅乌 elected, then Braida will continue to serve as the club technical director, Boge Ba’s transfer will also be operated by him, and if other people are worried, then Braida may not remain so His work will be transferred to the new leadership. Barca now established a temporary management committee and, if necessary, the Interim Governing Council will make a decision.