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Half of the large American professional teams fall into the hands of billionaires

American billionaire owns 49 percent of the large professional team. Long has the team’s boss is among the ranks of billionaires, thanks to the sharp rise in the value of the team, but the team has become increasingly limited range of potential buyers circle of super-rich.

National Football League (NFL) has the highest value of the team, but the number of billionaires boss is not the most. The honor to be awarded to the NBA, the American professional basketball league’s 30 teams, there are 20 team owners are billionaires. NFL ranked second, 32 teams have 17 team owners are billionaires, followed by the National Hockey League (NHL), 30 teams have 13 team owners are billionaires, there MLB (Major League Baseball), 30 teams have 10 team owners are billionaires. Overall, all 122 major professional teams, there are 60 teams billionaire boss.

The richest team owner is the latest to enter the richest sporting world. Served as Microsoft (Microsoft) CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer), is sitting on $ 21.5 billion in the financial year in August he up to $ 2 billion purchase price of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers (Los Angeles Clippers), the predecessor of the team owner Donald Sterling (Donald Sterling) for publishing racist remarks had been swept out of the league. Prior to this there is an expensive deal, last May, Milwaukee (Milwaukee Bucks) to the price of $ 550 million sold, thus boosting the value of NBA teams embark on a whole new level. The average value of NBA teams in the last year rose 74 percent, the highest in the largest annual increase since Forbes began keeping statistics in 1998 four major US sports league since the data.

NBA team values ​​soared, contributing three new Jin Fuhao for the Forbes Global list of billionaires. One of the most famous was undoubtedly Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan), he is the greatest in the history of American basketball player, but also a top businessman, have contributed in various sports fields. As a sign of his personal brand in Jordan last year created a $ 2.25 billion in revenue for Nike (Nike). Jordan won the lucrative returns from these sales, the commission in 2013 is estimated at $ 75 million. Together with other endorsement contracts he and Gatorade (Gatorade) and Hanes (Hanes) and other companies signed their income is estimated at $ 90 million.

However, to further consolidate Jordan billionaire status, or his timely acquisition NBA Charlotte Hornets (Charlotte Hornets) move. The NBA star player in 2010 bought a majority stake in the Hornets, but also additional investment in three years, and soon after, Ballmer huge price to acquire all of the NBA teams to enhance value. Now, Jordan has the Hornets to 90% of the shares, the value of these shares was approximately $ 500 million.