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American National Hockey League lockout continued

American National Hockey League lockout continued. Three consecutive days of negotiations between employers and employees in the pause will resume after the 1st 2nd.

Despite talk of the three days, but both parties have yet to reach even the most fundamental reason to shut down: money. Special Adviser to the National Hockey League Players Association Steve Fell After five hours of negotiations on February 30, said: “We do not talk about money, but rather to discuss the health and safety of doping tests, health care and other issues.”

In fact, the order from easy to difficult negotiations is consensus between employers and employees. National Hockey League three billion dollars in revenue each year into the contract expires in September, while employers require the players union to accept further wage adjustments.

However, representatives of employers Hockey vice president Bill Daly said the league, after a full discussion of these minor issues, it is time to put the most important issues on the table up.

National Hockey League is one of America’s four major professional sports leagues, but had previously been forced to cancel the entire labor disputes 2014-2015 season.

The lockout has also attracted the attention of American politicians. Two New Jersey senator sent a letter to both employers and employees, asking them to consider the impact on New Jersey suspended game economy. For example, the New Jersey Devils game in Newark, once can not be held, the local will lose a lot of jobs and millions of dollars in value, so that the already bad economic situation worse.

Two senators wrote in the letter, the US Congress on interstate trade issues, including professional sports, including legislative jurisdiction, and they will continue to pay close attention to the progress of negotiations between employers and employees