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Short track speed skating originated from Canada

Short track speed skating short track speed skating short, originated in Canada. 1880s, Canada built an indoor ice rink, some speed skating fans to the indoor ice rink to practice regularly.

Since 1981, he began to organize World Short Track Speed Skating Championships. The venue area of 30 × 60 meters and 111.12 meters long runway each lap, using the pre-grouping, times, complex, the final out of the system, draw lots to decide passes. Starting the game, more than the athletes on the starting line at the same time starting, taxiing at any time ahead of the competition. Players must wear protective helmets and protective gloves.

1988 Canada Winter Games in Calgary, short track speed skating was included in the performances. 1992 Olympic Winter Games, short track speed skating became an official event was the men’s individual 1000 meters with a 5,000-meter relay, women’s individual 1000 meters, 3000 meters relay. 1994 Winter Olympics, the men’s individual 500 meters, the women’s individual 500 meters, the women’s individual 1000 meters is also included in an official event.