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Chinese women’s ice hockey in urgent need of new forces, those firms Hungary key battle tonight

2015 Women’s Ice Hockey World Championship Group B Grade Stadium in the capital today continue, China will play against powerhouse Hungary. This is the ice hockey world championships after a lapse of 34 years and then back to Beijing, as has been the tradition of strong teams, Chinese women had ice stone’s throw away from the Olympic medals, but now being rebuilt, the team sometimes lean. However, in Beijing, Zhangjiakou joint bid under the 2022 Winter Olympics in the background, the rapid development of ice hockey program, Beijing has plans to officially listed as City Games projects.

Report: 1st team strive tough tonight

Ice Hockey World Championship is divided into the highest group, Class A, Class B and Class 4 level qualifications, including Class A and B is divided into A, B groups. Beijing hosted the World Championships for Class A Group B match, the game will be 75% of the points included in the weight of each team in the world rankings, thereby affecting the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic qualifying group. Chinese team is currently ranked 15th in the world, at the gates would have against the Netherlands, Korea, Hungary, Italy and Slovakia.

To prepare for the world championships, has been retired Sun Rui, Qixue Ting, Ma Rui, Jiang Shi Na Yao and five veteran and was recruited into the national team. The first game, the Chinese team lead twice but the Dutch team tied twice, and finally the big ball in the penalty in a ball of small negative.

Second World War against North Korea, the Chinese team played offensive ball eventually win 5 to 2, Zhang Mengying completed a hat-trick in the first section. “Before the golf aggravation with the Dutch team, great physical exertion, continuous play two will be very hard, but fortunately the overall strength of the Korean team is weak, given the opportunity to team some buffering.” Zhang said.

Currently, the Chinese team standings with four points from the first three, Hungary and Slovakia team victory with two points out two. Under the rules, only made the group the first team before they can qualify for Class A group. Tonight, the Chinese team against the Hungarian team, which is the key battle of the impact of the first group, “Nothing to consider only those firms in Hungary up.” After two back to back games, the team physical Zhang said there was a certain problem, fortunately coming to an offseason day, to make some adjustments.