Texans determine Heuer as the starting quarterback next game

Houston Texans starting quarterback change candidate appears again. Coach – Bill O’Brien (Bill O’Brien) Friday announced that
buy mut coins Brian – Heuer (Brian Hoyer) will end up in the team to face the Jacksonville Jaguars in the game as a starting quarterback. Heuer team 20-27 loss to the Indianapolis Colts play the game in place of injured Ryan departure – Mallett (Ryan Mallett), playing after he completed 31 of 24 passes 312 yards twice made touchdowns, he steals a pass in the final moments leading the team powerless.

In addition to the bad pass was steals, Heuer very efficient performance,
NFL 16 Coins Buy a long pass grasp the opportunity to play one of his own ups and downs of his career best game. We will definitely see Mallett again this season played, but not immediately after his poor performance in the play. Although Mallett pass strong, his lack of accuracy and feel, leading to O’Brien, said: we have to do things most conducive to the team.in this league which is an ideal situation? Do not. O’Brien talked about has been the starting quarterback when replacing representation.I understand that point, but we have to focus on the game against the Jaguars.