The Bayern giants Freak: don’t bother gotze! Let him quietly: marshal his lack of support

In a warm-up match in Bayern this morning, 3-1 beat dynamo Dresden, Germany Star Goetze played the first 80 minutes. Bayern sports director Samer on the media has always been speculation that the transfer of the case of the rumors expressed dissatisfaction that the Germans need a quiet environment.
According to the “picture”, Samer said in an interview: “we just let Mario play, he is also happy to accept the trust we give him. So now, please let him stay calm! If we often talk to him about football, I think things will be better.” Samer also said that Bayern needs to contribute to the grid: “to win the championship, you need these players. How to deal with the situation in the case of the players, and even more important than how to deal with the players on the field.”
Despite Samer made such a statement, but the Bayern legend coach Hitzfeld believes that the club is still lack of support for the case of the club, if Bayern is fully trusted in the case, they will not introduce Costa Douglas.” Coach also of Germany’s Bayern players will continue to move abroad expressed concern: “Bayern I found more and more foreign players, like cross and Bastian Schweinsteiger such German international left. Although the arrival of Alonso, Vidal is also very good players, but I still think this is a problem.”